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Great question! Opting for a solo cleaner might seem like a way to save a bit of cash, but there’s a bit more to consider. Did you know that if you pay a house cleaner over $750 a year, legally, they’re considered your household employee? This means you’ve got to register with the Employment Development Department and handle employment taxes. Sounds like a hassle, right?

Plus, many solo cleaners aren’t licensed or insured. Imagine if they have an accident while cleaning your home. Without workers’ comp insurance, guess who could be on the hook for that? Yep, you! At Clens Cleaning, we take care of all these details – licensing, insurance, taxes – so you can relax and enjoy a sparkling clean home without the worry.

We carry commercial general liability insurance with up to $1 million in coverage. So, if there’s ever any accidental damage to your property, you can breathe easy knowing we’ve got it covered.

Absolutely! Every cleaner at Clens Cleaning passes a thorough criminal background check and undergoes detailed training with our seasoned staff. We assess their skills and, importantly, their integrity and personality. Only those who earn our full trust and give off great vibes make the cut. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

No worries at all! If you’re not totally satisfied with how your home looks after our clean, just give us a call within 48 hours. We’ll happily schedule a time to come back and make things right, at no extra cost to you.

Our cancellation fee is there to support our cleaning team. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours, we charge 50% to help cover the loss for our cleaners who rely on these jobs.

Exciting news! We’ve rolled out a new rewards program for our loyal customers. If you’re subscribed to our recurring maid services, you’ll earn points for each clean. These points can be redeemed for awesome perks like special discounts and free add-ons.

For Plus or Supreme members, every two months, you receive a complimentary deep clean add-on for one area of your home.

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